The defining feature of the Stitch House is the way that it pairs prefabricated building techniques with sensitive consideration of the homesite. The graphic below shows how the home can be "stitched" into varying topographies to take advantage of views, control privacy, or create additional outdoor space. Owners work with the architect to determine the best application of the "stitch" for their specific homesite.

Stitch House typologies

The two images below show one potential application of the "stitch" concept. On this sloping lot, the home is placed into the hillside, and the primary living spaces are cantilevered over the hill, creating space underneath that could be used for parking or as a covered outdoor patio. Stairs lead from the space to the main living area.

Stitch House section Stitch House site plan

The narrow shape of the Stitch House allows it to fit into many different types of lots.

Stitch House site plan