Sag Harbor Greenbelt (Wieler House #2)

General Contractor: Owner
Architect: Ralph Rapson & Associates
Square Footage: 2700 ft2 (heated), 1500 ft2 unfinished basement, 702 ft2 of decks, 528 ft2 garage
Bedrooms / Bathrooms: 4 / 3

This Rapson Greenbelt 2 is located in Sag Harbor, near the eastern end of Long Island. The owner desired a retreat from a demanding job in New York City, and purchased a lot in a small residential area near the Noyack Bay.

The home was built with the owner acting as the general contractor. The construction method combined prefabricated concrete panels (for the foundations and the walls of the lower floor) with traditional wood-framing techniques (for the upper floor). The upper floor is finished with clear cedar siding (which is free of knots and blemishes), while the lower floor's concrete walls remain exposed. The interior is outfitted with a variety of high-end fixtures and furnishings. The roof supports a bank of solar panels that generates approximately 350-400 kWh per month, and a geothermal heat pump cuts down on energy costs.

In collaboration with Ralph Rapson & Associates, the architects behind the Greenbelt, the client customized and expanded the stock Greenbelt 2 plans. A garage was added to the design and uses a similar material palette as the house itself. The client also worked with contractors to create an impressive custom glass-and-steel staircase.

As of summer 2007, the house is almost complete and the owner is waiting on a certificate of occupancy. View the Images section to see photos of the house as it nears completion.