Nathan Wieler

Nathan Wieler is the founder and CEO of The Wieler Group of Companies. Driven by a passion for visual design, Nathan's vision is to realize original projects and innovative ideas and make them commercially available in the marketplace. Nathan founded the company in 2003 to help make great architecture more available to average homebuyers.

In 2002, Nathan initiated a project with Dwell magazine to develop a prototype of architect-designed modern prefabricated homes that could become available to homebuyers everywhere. In early 2005, Nathan completed the construction of the Wieler House (aka the Original Dwell Home) which was shortly thereafter called "the most high-profile modern prefab home in America" by the Washington Post and has been credited as the spark in a new movement of modern prefab housing in the USA.

Nathan brings to the company a proven track record in leadership, creativity, marketing, and entrepreneurship. In the development of the Wieler Group of Companies and its organization, Nathan is applying key business practices and industry learning from his previous entrepreneurial efforts in the fields of internet/media, engineering, fine art, and marketing/sales.

Nathan Wieler holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Buffalo.