Rapson Architects

Rapson Architects, based in Minneapolis, MN, was founded by the late Ralph Rapson. Ralph and his team, including his son Toby and grandson Lane, designed the Rapson Greenbelt series of homes. The concept comes from a design that Ralph created for the Case Study Houses Program in 1945.

sketch of the Greenbelt House interior

Ralph's passing in early 2008 marked the "end of an era in American architecture," according to Thomas Fisher, who took over as the Dean of the University of Minnesota College of Design when Ralph decided to end his 30-year tenure at the school. "He will be very much missed by the thousands of people he influenced." Ralph's son Toby now leads the design team, which continues to refine the Greenbelt system of homes, in addition to working on other projects.

Ralph also designed the Rapson Rocker for the Museum of Modern Art in 1939. Knoll began manufacturing a modified version of the original design in 1948. The Rapson Rocker is now being manufactured independently under the direction of Rapson Architects, and it is available through the Wieler Store.

Wieler is honored to continue Ralph's legacy by offering the Rapson Greenbelt and Rapson Rocker as part of our portfolio.