Real Estate Journal's House of the Week

posted 2005-11-18

The Dwell Home was featured as "House of the Week" in the Wall Street Journal's Real Estate Journal.

Wieler featured in Azure article on prefab

posted 2005-11-01

Azure magazine cover and article photos

The July issue of Azure magazine included details about the Dwell Home and an interview with Nathan Wieler.

Ralph Rapson interviewed in Architecture

posted 2005-04-26

cover of Architecture magazine, featuring Ralph Rapson

The May issue of Architecture magazine featured an interview with Ralph Rapson and features a sketch of the original Greenbelt on the cover. Download the article [PDF] or learn more about the Rapson Greenbelt...

Washington Post reports on prefab

posted 2005-03-31

The Prefab Future, Practically Here: "The house shone like prefab's holy grail—evidence that the vectors of efficiency, economy and modernist aesthetics had finally converged."

Dwell Home covered in The Boston Globe

posted 2004-07-15

Fab prefab: "Earlier this year [Nathan Wieler] partnered with famed modern architect Ralph Rapson of Minneapolis, formerly at MIT, who updated his Case Study Greenbelt home for Wieler Homes."

The Wall Street Journal reports on the Dwell Home

posted 2004-11-08

The Wieler-Tung Home: "[T]o a certain group of architects and aficionados, [the Dwell Home] looks less like a house and more like the Holy Grail."

Dwell Home coverage in the Los Angeles Times


Prefab reflects well on tasteful owners: "This past summer, the prototype of the winning Dwell Home was unveiled in Pittsboro, N.C."

Raleigh News & Observer writes about the Dwell Home


Upwardly mobile home has architect's touch [PDF]: "I think there's a great opportunity to bring a great designed, affordable, prefab home to the market that people can order from anywhere in the country."

The New York Times covers the Dwell Home competition


Again, Architecture Discovers Prefab [PDF]: "The essential ingredient was a willing client. That was Nathan Wieler, a former chief executive of an Internet company, who wanted a modular house but could not find one he liked."

The Wall Street Journal


The Very Model of a Modern Modular House [PDF]: "Nobody sneers at a Lexus because it came off an assembly line. But for some reason modular houses still carry a stigma, which may be why 97% of new American homes are built on site by hand when almost everything else—cars, clothing, even many foods—comes from a factory."