Status: Approved for development, but subsequently sold
Total Acreage: 205
Number of Home Sites: 74, averaging 2.5 acres per site

White Mountain is a development project in Chatham County, NC that was approved by the Town of Pittsboro for the creation of 74 home sites on 205 acres. The property is filled with hardwood trees and surrounded by hundreds of acres of federally-reserved lands. Although Wieler subsequently sold the property and is not actively selling home sites at this location, this project reflects the very essence and nature of our communities. (If you are looking for a home site in the area, you may be interested in Harvest, a unique farm community that we're developing approximately five miles from the site of White Mountain.)

The White Mountain master plan was carefully and thoughtfully designed through a collaboration of Wieler's architects, engineers, soil scientists, environmentalists, landscapers, surveyors, and graphic designers. Initial sketches by Ralph Rapson called for a small outdoor amphitheater that would be integrated into the 10-acre meadow at the center of the property. A nearby spring-fed pond provides opportunities for fishing and leisurely recreation.

The final master plan was developed by Reynolds & Jewell Landscape Architects. The homes were sited on the property with special consideration given to views of the central meadow and the forested land on the perimter of the property. Within the plan is a long loop trail that residents could use to walk through the western section of the community, with potential connections to additional trails that lead to nearby Robeson Creek and Jordan Lake.

The name White Mountain refers to the previous property owner and the unique topography of the site. Some visitors to White Mountain and the adjacent Dwell Home property would comment that they felt as though they were "coming to the mountains."

The White Mountain project was intended to offer home owners easy access to the outdoors, while taking advantage of the property's proximity to downtown Pittsboro (which is just five miles away). Currently a small town, Pittsboro residents enjoy restaurants and cafes such as S&T's Soda Shoppe and the General Store Cafe, organic food and groceries at the Chatham Marketplace Co-Op, and antique/vintage clothing stores such as Beggars and Choosers. Pittsboro is growing quickly and it won't be long until Pittsboro residents can enjoy cinemas, a variety of shopping, bars, restaurants, and much more. Because of the unique leaders, residents, and entrepreneurs in Pittsboro and Chatham county, we believe that the township and county will be thoughtfully developed and always provide unique places to go.