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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Selling our personal property (original Dwell Home at Beech Hill)

Well, we've decided it's time to sell our property! We came close to selling it three years ago but our situation changed and we decided to keep it. This time we're ready.

With everything going on in the mortgage and financial marketplace it's a crazy world right now, but these changes are also creating some tremendous opportunities, and for the right buyer, I believe this property is one of them.

Our property, called "Beech Hill", consists of 14.14 acres filled with hardwood trees, scenic terrain, hilltop views, natural springs, creeks, and walking trails. The property is adjacent to Robeson Creek and thousands of federally protected acres that include Jordan Lake. The Beech Hill property includes both the original Dwell Home (completed April 2005) and "The Red House" (completed April 2003).

We've loved living in the Dwell Home and we're going to miss it. The combination of tons of glass and outdoor spaces surrounded by nature has made it a very special place to live. We've enjoyed the experience of living close to nature through the transitions of all four seasons. Huge views in the winter, dogwoods surrounding the house in the spring, lush green in the summer, and unbelievable colors in the fall.

We also had fun living in The Red House for over two years, which we moved into shorly after we purchased this property in January 2003 until we completed the Dwell Home. It's a great little place that is super energy efficient because it is passive solar, built into the earth on the first floor, and constructed with concrete insulated forms. Since completing the Dwell Home and moving into it, we've used The Red House as a guest cottage, and all of our friends and family love staying there when they are in town. We've had fun making changes and improvements to it over the years with the advice of architect Dail Dixon who made the wise recommendation to immediately paint over the prior owner's yellow exterior paint with barn red. Dail advised us to paint it all barn red and create a mass that blends in with the natural landscape.

We'll be adding some new content to the website related to the property over the next few weeks but in the meantime you can check out the slideshow at .

The price will be $795,000 for the 14.14 acre Beech Hill property including both houses or $595,000 for the Dwell Home on 9.14 acres. Our broker will start showing the house two weeks from today, on Saturday, October 11, 2008.

Interested buyers can contact me directly and I'll forward your to our broker.


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